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 Latest Articles/Networking Devices

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PostSubject: Latest Articles/Networking Devices   Sat Jul 25, 2009 12:34 pm

Synology DS209+ 2-Bay Disk Station
Written by Greg King on February 10, 2009 In Networking
Synology has become well-known over the years for producing some of the highest-quality NAS boxes on the planet, some of which we've taken a look at in the past, and the new DS209+ is no exception. Though expensive, it has a huge feature-set and superb performance to back it up, which makes it a good buy for anyone with a fairly lenient budget.

D-Link DGL-4500 Xtreme N Gaming Router
Written by Greg King on April 15, 2008 In Networking
D-Link's DGL-4500 wireless router brings a lot to the table, including dual-band operation, 802.11n support, a killer built-in OLED screen, on top of features perfectly suited for online gamers. Of course, such a feature-packed router doesn't come cheap, so is it worth your hard-earned $180?

Thecus N1200 Single-Drive NAS
Written by Greg King on April 8, 2008 In Networking
The first-ever NAS we took a look at was a dual-bay Thecus N2100. We are returning to those roots today by now taking a look at the single-bay N1200. We were pleased to see that Thecus once again delivered a well-built NAS that's not only strudy, but packs in numerous useful features as well.

Maxtor Shared Storage II 1TB
Written by Matt Serrano on April 4, 2008 In Networking

We were so impressed with the Central Axis upgrade for the Shared Storage II at CES that we thought we'd check out the NAS itself prior to the official launch of that software. With 1TB of storage, will the SSII warrant a purchase, with it's higher price point?

ASUS WL-520gU Wireless Router
Written by Greg King on April 3, 2008 In Networking
Need a new router but not ready to take the 802.11n plunge? We're taking a look at a brand-new ASUS model that boasts tried and true 802.11g and offers it at a great price. It lacks in certain ways, but makes up for it in others, such as with the inclusion of a real print server.
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Latest Articles/Networking Devices
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